Smartphone recommendation

On of my clients use Nexus 5X phones with Android 8 and 2 GB RAM.

As stated here, this would be ok for using AppSheet. Even though it should have at least 2GB of RAM.
And in fact, my Apps are running very slow. It’s nearly impossible to use the Apps.
You press the PLUS Button to add a new row and it takes seconds to open the form. (I have some calculations running in the forms)

So does anyone have a recommendation?

We need:

  • Android
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Image capturing
  • NFC
  • Fast Performance
  • Remote Control via TeamViewer

Anything that you can buy that is current running (and supporting) Android 10 should be fine. Depending on the budget, I would recommend anything in the Pixel series - perhaps a 3a, 4xl (but not the regular 4), or if waiting is an option the soon-to-be-released 4a.


Thank you @Bahbus for your recommendation.

This is my actual favorite:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

  • Huge display with 6,67 inch
  • Android 10
  • 5020 mAh Battery
  • 64 or 128 GB
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 2,3 GHz
  • Access to Google Play Store

In Germany I can get the 64 GB Version for about 250€ (280$) which I think is a super Price.


That is a fantastic price. Being in America, I always forget about Xiaomi, since I would have to import it. They are also excellent devices. Realme is another good brand over there.

The only benefit of a Pixel device, over any other, is that everything is Google. Google-only Android. Google-only updates. Google-AppSheet. Therefore AppSheet is less likely to have weird device specific bugs.

But all in all, I don’t think you can beat that price.


@Bahbus wow Realme phones have really little price. Thank you for that recommendation.
Unfortunately it has no TeamViewer Add-On. This is very important for us.

I didn’t even know TeamViewer did remote sessions into Android. I use AirDroid since it works on any Android from any manufacturer. (But on a business level I have no idea which is better)

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