Smartsheet & Scheduled Regenerate structure?

Hi -
I have an app that is integrated with Smartsheet. I have dropdown columns in Smartsheet where new values are added periodically (New names, Addresses, etc.) - these values are then used as the Enum values in AppSheet. Is there a way of scheduling the regenerate structure to update the Enum values?

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Why dont you dynamically generate the dropdown (enum) values?

For instance, your have table name of “table1” with fields of “items”, then you want to create the dropdown list out of this table/field.

Then your target data field where you want to display the dropdown, then add to suggested values as

select(table1[Items], true)

This will pull the distinct (unique) value, most importantly “dynamically”

When new distinct value is added to table1[items] then it appears on the dropdown.

Just a possible workaround idea.

Thank you - yes - i’m using something similar for some of the other columns. I’ll give that a shot.