SMS Delivery Status Tracking?


I’m not a developer so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I’d love to know if this is possible before I really dive in.

I’m planning to use Appsheet to make a basic field service app that tracks start and stop times of my services. I need to send an SMS notification to the customer when I’m on the way to their house (with an action button).

I understand Twilio uses webhooks to post the update information as each step occurs (queued/accepted, sending, sent, delivered). Can Appsheet catch those webhooks and update the delivery status in real time on the app screen, or would the user still have to sync the app to check for updates? It’s very important to me that I get instant confirmation of the message being sent. If anyone has integrated this and has some advice, please share!


Here’s where I’m at at this point:

It looks like Appsheet doesn’t yet have the ability to catch a webhook and retrieve the status update from Twilio. For now I’ll have to use Zapier to catch the status update and change the record in my log spreadsheet. Then I can see when the record has been updated by syncing the app over and over until the status changes. I wish I could do this without syncing the app and get instant updates on the status of the message, but as long as my customers get their notifications I’m happy.

My plan next is to have Zapier send an SMS confirmation to the employee’s phone when Twilio returns a sent, delivered, undelivered or failed status change. At least that way they will have peace of mind that the customer did or didn’t receive the notification (in my business it’s important that the customer knows we’re on the way so that we don’t surprise them).

I’d love to hear what others are doing for their notification workflows, feel free to share :slight_smile: