SMS - Open for Twilio Alphanumeric Sender ID

Is it possible for Appsheet to open for Twilio - Alphanumeric Sender ID in “From” in a task?

Norway (as many conties) support this, but we cannot acquire numbers from Twilio…
So lost game and no SMS service for our countries.
Also a good service for all other users as well, being able to send SMS from a name, and not just a number.

Now when using Alphanumeric Sender ID (in Appsheet Task), we get the error:
Error encountered in step with name [Send SMS]: Error: Task ‘Ny melding_SMS_Task’ field ‘SMSFrom’ contains invalid phone number ‘KontrollAS’. Error: No SMS was created because ‘From’ is missing or invalid.
Looks like Appsheet doesn’t support a text (like Alphanumeric Sender ID) in “From”.