<<SNAPSHOT(LINKTOVIEW("Chart"))>> syntax. I ...

(tsuji koichi) #1

<<SNAPSHOT(LINKTOVIEW(“Chart”))>> syntax.

I m trying to capture snapshot of chart and put it into the email template.

I put this syntax on the google doc template, but it didn’t work.

Email was not generated.

Any thought?


Hi @tsuji_koichi, in the audit logs for the app (Manage / Monitor section of the editor) do you find any logs of failed workflows? These may explain why the email was not generated.

(tsuji koichi) #3


I had a look at log, but for me there was no clue to source the problem there.

I added this syntax to google doc template which was working well. After adding it, suddenly workflow did not work out.

Then remove this syntax from template, then workflow back again.


Does the app contain a view control called “Chart”? I’m not sure what happens if it’s unable to find the view.

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Actually I have chart view with the different name rather than “chart”, but i put the exact chart view name to this syntax , however it is not working.


I see, we will probably have to inspect the app directly to debug it. If that’s ok can you send an email to support@appsheet.com with your account number, the name of the app, and which workflow rule to check?

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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Thank you Adam. Will email now, appreciate for your follow-up.