Snapshot (LINKTOVIEW ("Name")) Help

Hi, I have a question about the snapshot expression, becouse, when i put the expression << SNAPSHOT (LINKTOVIEW (“Name”)) >> this it´s work, but this show me the universal data, of the table, and not a the specific view, of the report, somebody can i help me, please

As I understand SNAPSHOT() (I’ve never used it myself), its argument should be a deep link of any type. If using LINKTOVIEW(), the view named must be configured to show the specific data you want. If you want to show a particular row, use LINKTOROW() instead:

<<SNAPSHOT(LINKTOROW( row-key-value , view-name ))>>

Replace row-key-value with an expression that gives the key column value of the row you want displayed, and view-name with the name of the view in which the row should be displayed.

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Hi, thanks, but I forget to say, the chart i want to apear is in the related table from report, and i try to do a argument, but isn´t work, could you do make an example please, thank you so match.

Hi again, i hope you are ok, but i try to follow your advice, with this argument
<<SNAPSHOT(LINKTOROW( SELECT(Monitoreo exterior[ID INFORME], ([_THISROW] = [ID INFORME])), “Monitoreo exterior” ))>>
But return an error, what do you think happened?
I ll be wait for you aswer please.

You’re using LINKTOROW() incorrectly.

See also:

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Hi, the argument Linktorow, have three expresssion LINKTOROW(row-key, view-name, [app id]), well, when the row key is not an static expression, i need to change in every report, but this is the problem, sorry for insist, but i need to put a chart in a report on google doc, but anyway show all record of the table.
I try many argument for example



The second show chart with all the record of report, and the firt no return the table error.

SELECT() returns a List. You need a single value for the row key argument. Try wrapping it with ANY()?


Yes it’s working, but not return the chart with filter, just returned the whole information of the view, but thanks anyway.

It should work, unless appsheet team made some change in backend codes.

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