Snapshot variable for template

We have been working on bugs on template expression, <<snapshot(linktoview(xxx))>> specifically, which has been addressed now. Thank you support team.
While we testing this after that, we by chance found out that this type of expression is now working, which seems tobe side effect of changing the back ground services for snapshot expression


I managed to put xy type as well detail view to the PDF report per given ID for this row level type of views.
Not sure it would work for the rest of deeplink expression, but It could be.

The new service is not capturing the navigation bar at the bottom as well as header of the app, in otherwords, it capture full screen of the app as if it runs on the browser. To remove the bottom navigation on the screenshot taken by the snapshot variable, then just remove the view in primary positions.

probably @Fabian could get excited?

Again, this should be side effect, so this capability could get gone when further changes in backend code.



Awesome finding thank you @tsuji_koichi
And thank you for your hard work with the AppSheet team.

Also @Grant_Stead could get excited :slight_smile: