When I use the <<SNAPSHOT(LINKTOVIEW(“Chart”))>> in my Google Docs Template, I get a PDF, but the Snapshot is not shown. There is just a gray box where you can klick on. It opens the browser with this message: {“message”:“Rate limit exceeded, retry in -600 ms”} Can you help?

SNAPSHOT feature is still in a beta phase and you should not use it with the production app. The functionality is not yet reliable enough.

@Aleksi_Alkio I see. My goal is to send a PDF with a chart to an E-Mail address. Is there another workaround? Did you get to work the snapshot feature? Or is it simply not working at all?

When I was testing it, sometimes it worked and sometimes not. Next workaround at this moment is a script for example.

Hey Aleksi and Fabian,
Is the SNAPSHOT feature still in Beta?
I suppose the way it work is just include <<SNAPSHOT(LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Your Chart”,“CONDITION”))>> in your email template and then the chart should be visible?
I tried this but no chart visible.

@Hyman_van_Zyl Yes, it’s still in Beta stage.


You’re welcome

I came up with an overly complex solution to get this result, It involves generating images before they are actually needed, and then they can be used in am image column in any workflow. Let me know if you want more details!


Hi @Rosemary_Black that sounds fantastic. Thank you.
Do you mind sharing your solution step by step in the “Tips & Tricks” Category?

I will try to set aside some time to write it up. It is a complex solution to a seemingly simple problem, but if you think anyone could use it I’m happy to share.


@Rosemary_Black The SNAPSHOT() function is now using exactly what you recommended :wink:

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Unfortunately I haven’t gotten snapshot to work, there isn’t a way to set a delay for the image, so I get xy pins loaded without the image background showing up. Example:

Here’s one partially loaded:

Fully loaded - at the end of the report:

  • I may still write up the direct way that I have working, it’s a pain, but it’s more reliable because I’m getting the images when a new pin is added, instead of when a report is triggered. This means I can add a wait time for everything to load, and have the images ready to go when needed.

Interesting. How is your process? Do you input the XY Background via an Image and right after that enter the Pins?
I also saw problems with AppSheet loading the XY Background.

Adding @morgan

Hi @Rosemary_Black - Thank you for the post. Are there any instructions that you can provide on how to set this up? I’m trying to get a filtered chart view to display in a pdf report but not having much luck with the Snapshot() expression.

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I’ve yet to get it to function.

You tried Rosemary’s suggestion and the Snapshot() expression?

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I’ve tried enough to know that it’ll never be what we need… We built our own solution and use that…


Was able to export chart views via @Grant_Stead @Rosemary_Black @tsuji_koichi’s posts. Love you guys! If anyone else needs help on how how to do this, feel free to message me.

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Very cool!
Looks great!

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