So I created my google sheet with the columns...

(Cory Chapman) #1

So I created my google sheet with the columns in a certain order. Then I created my whole appsheet app. The field order of the auto generated edit form was the same as the order in the google sheet. Now I want the fields in the edit form app in a different order. I changed them in the google sheet and regenerated the columns. Now they appear in the column list in the new correct order but the edit form is still is in the old order. How do I fix this? I created another app based on the same sheet just to check and the auto generated edit form in that app has the fields in the new order. How can I get the other app to update the field order in the auto generated edit form?

(Grant Stead) #2

My current recommendation is to always create a slice of your table without any expression… I call mine TABLENAME_MS… Then you build all of your views off of those…

(Cory Chapman) #3

@Grant_Stead After reading your response I literally hit myself in the head because I realized I did create slices and had forgotten to change the column order there.

(Grant Stead) #4

@Cory_Chapman good work sir… It’s ok, earlier I was creating a reference action, and my app was all broken, couldn’t figure out why the action wasn’t working… Debugged for like 30 minutes and finally realized I kept selections the wrong action, on the wrong table…

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

If you see any ways in which the system could short-circuit some of this time and point out issues more clearly, do let us know.


Sometimes its just time to go to bed. lol.

(Grant Stead) #7

@praveen in my case, when adding a ref action, the system allows you to select any action not just the ones associated with the ref table.