So I have 2 columns on my google sheet. One ...

(Austin Samagam) #1

So I have 2 columns on my google sheet.

One of them has a pull down menu of names and when a name is selected, it will auto populate their phone number.

For some reason, appsheet is not seeing the full list of names.

Only those numbers show up in the pulldown that were there when i first link that spreadsheet.

I’ve since added more names, but just now realized those new names don’t show up when i add a name in appsheets?

Any suggestions are most welcome.

(Steven Jeffery) #2

Did you regenerate the table source?

Go to columns and regenerate the table.

(Austin Samagam) #3

@Steven_Jeffery I did, but i found out the problem. Something was wrong with my Data Validation formula.

Somehow the field where i would enter the columns i was wanting to pull data from was empty!?!

After I fixed the Data Validation and regenerated the tables, all names came back up.

Thanks for your suggestion