So I have a nice budget sheet (using it and r...

(Jake Stone) #1

So I have a nice budget sheet (using it and refining). Where can I submit it so others can try it out?

(Stephen Mattison) #2

@Jake_Stone Great job Jake!

You could post a Browser and/or Install link right here. In App Editor, go to Users > Links.

(Jake Stone) #3

thank you, hwere is “App Editor”

(Stephen Mattison) #4

@Jake_Stone I thought you were talking about an App that you made.

If you just want to share that Budget Google Sheet, just copy & paste the URL link like you did on that other Post of yours I commented on.

I was able to check it out.

(Stephen Mattison) #5

Here, I pasted URL for your Budget Sheet from your other Public Post.

If that’s not what you wanted, just delete this Comment. DIST CHECK2CHECK BUDGET

(Stephen Mattison) #6

@Jake_Stone Sorry, but you will have to completely rebuild this Sheet a little differently to turn it into a good App.

But the App will be much better than the Sheet!

(Jake Stone) #7

Hi, thank you, but I am not sure where this “app” is :frowning: (im such a noob) LOL

(Jake Stone) #8

nm found it. Lemme see what I can do to convert it :slight_smile: Love learning new stuff