So I have my column of school days. I want t...

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So I have my column of school days.

I want the column beside it to use a formula like this =TEXT(B2, “ddd”) to automatically identify the day of the week.

is there a column type that will recognize days of the week from the date as a reference?

An appsheet expression?

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Hi ,

To capture day of the week, you can create a column type number with the expression WEEKDAY([Date Column])

as the App


I request you to take a look at the below article as well for relevant information.

Hope this helps. - Date and Time Expressions Date and Time Expressions

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so this didn’t work - it is only showing the number of the day not the weekday

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This worked!! THANK YOU!!

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Good to know that. Thank you for update.

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Hi, Apologies for my bit of

misunderstanding of the need. I misunderstood day of the week as day number of the week. For displaying day of the week, you may wish to try an expression like below in the same column’s formula to get the day

=IF(WEEKDAY([Date Column])=1,“Sunday”,IF(WEEKDAY([Date Column])=2,“Monday”,IF(WEEKDAY([Date Column])=3,“Tuesday”,IF(WEEKDAY([Date Column])=4,“Wednesday”,IF(WEEKDAY([Date Column])=5,“Thursday”,IF(WEEKDAY([Date Column])=6,“Friday”,IF(WEEKDAY([Date Column])=7,“Saturday”,“Assign Date”)))))))

or following expression as well

=SWITCH(WEEKDAY([Date Column]), 1, “Sunday”, 2, “Monday”, 3, “Tuesday”, 4, “Wednesday”, 5, “Thursday”, 6, “Friday”, “Saturday”)

Hope this helps.