So, I'm working on a time tracking/attendance...

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So, I’m working on a time tracking/attendance application for my wife’s non-profit business and I’ve run into a slight issue. The issues has to do with a datetime value that’s automatically generated when a new entry is created. We want the ability to automatically timestamp a value using the now() function (read only for users) but also have the ability to log in as an admin and manually modify those values as necessary. I’ve created 2 values “time in” and “time out”. The “time in” value has now() in its initial value. This creates the initial timestamp when an entry is created. It work awesome. The “time out” value has now() in its formula. This generates a timestamp when the entry is modified or finalized at a later time. All works well for the users. Unfortunately, because the now() value is being used in the formula section of “time in”, I’m unable to create and Administrative slice that allows me to modify the “time out” value. It always defaults to read only. Is there any way around this? I played a bit with virtual columns and the modify timestamp option, but neither worked correctly. Sorry if this is a really basic question; I’m still an AppSheet noob. Thanks!

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Hi +OregonLAN,

Presume you have a secure plan. The below approach is based on that assumption.

You may wish to use

an action button on “time out” field such that the button is available to row owner app user

and app administrator. The time out field can be hidden in the user entry form with a virtual read only timeout field being available for display in the form.

You may have security filter defined to allow access to rows

to only user emails and to one with userrole admin.