So you have it with my application. The more ...

(Cubyl) #1

So you have it with my application. The more I’m testing it, the less things work. As if one piece at a time you are erasing it What are we playing?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

@Cubyl, I’m not sure what issue you are running into. Could you please share some details? There is no widespread problem in the system and nobody else is reporting any issue. If you send a report to, we can look into it. Thanks

(Cubyl) #3

first problem. the application synchronizes itself after I change usersettings every time the change, after return and yes sinc but I have not set sync on startup the address map goes to a different view the data is not updated they do it after five minutes all this is happening from this last week I understand that you are changing many things but nothing is working here anymore