Soccer Stats Data Collection: Binding Arrays to Views in Column Frontend

Dear Community,

I am trying to build a simple soccer stats capture for matches. I want to achieve:

  • Display list of upcoming matches by date and then enable user submit data
  • Submit stats/metrics per match as defined in data > E1:AF1 sheets
  • Attach Teams, goal types and goals scored to respective players from lineups tab e.g attribute goal(s) scored, goal type, Yellow/Red card etc to respective players

What I am trying to achieve has elements of this app here https:// www appsheet
com/Template/AppDef?appName=PredictiveModelAppSoccer-3006433 but for some reasons I am still not able to figure this out. YouTube isn’t exactly helping me here.

My Work Sheet


It sounds like you want someone to help you build your app, rather than help getting past a stumbling-block. If there is a particular problem you need help with, please describe that problem.

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