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I am developing an app for a laboratory. I would like to implement a function that allows you to select the results from the instrument’s results screen and send them to my app. Can anyone recommend a solution?
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You’ll need to elaborate on this more. Where are these instrument results shown? Only on a hand-held device? Through its own phone app? On a Web page? Other?

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The results are displayed via the specific software screen for that instrument. Let me give an example … there is a laboratory instrument that analyzes a substance and returns certain analytical parameters to the screen. I would like to find a way to select these results and send them to my app. With normal databases it is a common operation, through specific gateways.

By this, I take it to mean that the screen is dedicated to that device. More than likely there is not an automated way to retrieve those readings. You would need to contact the manufacturer to see if they provide any kind of interface to do so.

There might be an alternative method. AppSheet OCR functionality (Optical Character Recognition).

I have not tried it yet but many others have with success. The idea is to retrieve text values from an image. You can “train” the AppSheet app to “know” from where in the image you can retrieve which values. This might suit you perfectly since your screen readings are likely consistent with where each reading value show on the screen.

Once “trained”, you would simply take a picture with the app, OCR scans and extracts the reading values to save into your pre-conceived column values, Save them and your are off!

Of course, there is that slight manual step of taking the image you would need to do each time. But if there is no way to connect to your device to retrieve the values, OCR would be you next best bet!!

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Thank you very much for the answer.

I had considered the possibility of testing OCR scans, but as you said it requires some more user action. I will try for a few days to find an alternative solution, after which I will test the OCR function.
I will keep you updated in the next few days if there is any news.

Thanks again

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