[SOLVED] Hi all, I was wondering how to ac...

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Hi all,

I was wondering how to achieve the following:

Use one action to copy and edit a specific entry and change the values of specific fields automatically. I tried making separate actions first and then making one action that runs all the other actions.

When I click the action, the entry does copy and it takes me to the editing screen, however the fields I had set for change in the separate actions do not change automatically.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Guillermo_Perez This should work . You may need to swap the order of the actions in your grouped action.

Do the change

action first and then the copy action.


Hi sorry I thought I had an Action that did that but I just checked it and It does as you say. There may be another way to do what you need. Its getting a bit late here I may have to leave it to the experts.

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@Lynn Hi Lynn, no problem thanks for thinking with me.

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@Guillermo_Perez the only option currently is to use LINKTOFORM and populate it with the current records information… You can basically replicate an entire copy row action with it, while customizing what you need in each column…

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help.appsheet.com - Column Type: App (Deep Links) Column Type: App (Deep Links) help.appsheet.com

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@Grant_Stead Thanks! I will give this a try later on.

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@Guillermo_Perez the reason is the copy action. It’s not fully automatic action and that’s why it stops the process. Could you use LINKTOFORM instead? Then you would not need any other action.

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Thanks again everyone this was exactly what I needed.

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Hi @Lynn I tried swapping the order to see what would happen. Unfortunately only the first action launches which in this case was to change a field in my column called ledger to cash. This seems to be the problem… only the first action launches for some reason. Also if I swap the order then the current entry changes instead copying the entry and editing the fields.

I’ll try to explain what I want to accomplish a bit better. I have the following relevant columns: - Ledger; - Transaction Type; - Main Category; - Subcategory; and - Amount

The ledger field contains several bank ledgers and a cash ledger. If I have an entry in one of the bank ledgers of the Subcategory type withdrawals, I want an action to show up so that I can copy the entry and automatically change all columns but the amount columns to a specific entry.

Do you or does anyone else know how to accomplish this? Is there a reason why I can only launch the first action even though I have selected execute a sequence of actions?