Some actions not displaying in detail view

I’m having challenges with some of my actions not showing up.
I’ve chosen a mix of display options and double checked my settings.

Can you show an exploded view of one of the actions not showing at all?

Specifically, is there a show if?

Here are two of the four that are not displaying

Sometimes, I have a case where my actions don’t appear when I’m using a Slice instead of the Raw Table for my View. This is because I restricted the amount of actions that could appear on the Slice (if you look up your Slice by going to “Data” → “Slice”). Is this the case for you, @elan_Bailey?

I don’t have the option on setting my actions to work on slice data. The system only gives me the option to choose the source tables in the drop down of “For a record of this table”

Strange development… I cloned the app and changed one of the quick edit columns in my detail view (from a ref) to a text field and suddenly all of my action buttons are showing.

Nope they only show up while I’m editing. And then as soon as I save they disappear again. Frustrating.


Thanks Sean.This resolved the issue. The actions were missing from the slice.

To our dev team: this is confusing though because when I choose my source table in the action (“For records of this table”), I’m not able to select a slice, I have to choose the original table. But I guess somewhere in the column date I have an app formula that references the Active records only (in the slice).

And it doesn’t trigger any error messages so I could have been scratching my head on this one a long time. Thanks for the help everyone.