Some amendmends to the "Workout Log" template

Hey guys

Just started using AppSheet because I was looking for the best app to log my workouts, and I think I found it, if I were able to make some changes…

By using the Workout Log template I was able to log almost all I need, but I hope its possible to make some changes that I need. Hope the community can help me with this.

  1. For those of you familiar with the Workout Log template, you will recognize the “Total Reps” column

I wanted to add a total weight/volum column, which works fine. But neither of those are stored in the workout log in Google Sheets, why is that? And how can I make them do that?

  1. Recording every exercise is great, but I would like to group exercises into each workout, or somehow log it so that it is more apparent each exercise belongs to a workout.
    Does anyone have any advice or tips, maybe you had the same issue and wanted to make this more transparent in the log?

  2. I use the metric system, so I would prefer kgs as designation, but from the template the (lbs.) is stuck and I cant change it. Any help?

For anyone who use this workout log and have made amendments, I will gladly hear any suggestions, tips or improvements you’ve made to yours, regardless of my aforementioned issues :slight_smile:


Since you are new let’s cover the basics first.

In order to take a template app and make it your own (i.e. make changes), you need to hit the “Copy and Customize” button in the template app to copy it into your account. Have you done that?


I don’t believe I have.

Can only find the option to copy the app, no “Copy and Customize” - where do I find this button?

Hi @Jsh
You should be able to copy the App either way.

The second image is after clicking on the first.


I never really paid attention to that first Copy button. I guess because I usually take a look at the app before deciding to copy it!

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I certainly have copied the app, and made changes to it already. Gave it a new name and have been using it from my mobile for a while.

For some strange reason, I was able to change the “Set 1 Weights (lbs.)” name now!

So that only leaves me with issues 1 and 2. Could I get some help with those please?

Let’s just see if I am able to make changes, even though I may not have clicked “customize” when I copied the app template.


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Hi again

After redoing the initial process of copying the template, I am pretty certain that “customizing” it in reference to your suggestion is what I am able to do and have been doing. So this should not be an issue imo.

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Hi @Jsh
It seems you have copied it ok.
If you want to change the Lbs to Kgs you can change the column names in the spreadsheet and then in the app followed by a Save and verify .
You will also need to change to Kgs in the view name as well.