Some columns' data doesn't load from Excel

I have loaded data from my excel worksheet and it mostly looks good but some columns come up with the correct header but no data. I just get blank cells. I can’t find any pattern to it. I have confirmed that my column fields are all formatted correctly and identically. In some cases I have two columns that are almost exactly the same, one’s data loads and the other’s doesn’t. I can copy the formula from a column that has loaded properly and then the data comes into AppSheet but it is using the wrong formula so I edit the formula in Excel to point to the values I need and then on reloading, the fields are blank again.

Hope you can help.

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Not sure what you’re experiencing here. Please provide screenshots about the behavior you are seeing. Screenshots of the backend data, the in-app displays, and your column structure/definitions would probably help.


Hi Matt.

Sorry I haven’t got screen shots of this to hand. Have just finished work for the day. Can send some on Monday if you’re interested.

But I figured out this issue. If a column in the Excel table that you want to load into AppSheet uses an unacceptable Excel Function or references a formula which uses one, AppSheet won’t load the data. Even if you put the offending formula in another workbook.

I was using Slope and Intercept in Excel to generate coordinates for Trend Graphs bc I can’t find a way to plot the trend on a graph in Appsheet

And I was using Offset to create a running total formula in excel that was the same formula on each row (because I have found that upon loading the table from Excel to Appsheet, AppSheet breaks my excel formulas if the formulas in the column are not all identical).

Seems the only way I can get the values from these types of formulas into AppSheet is to run the calculations in excel And then replace the formulas with values before updating into AppSheet, which of course is not a sustainable solution.

Thanks for asking.

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