Some friendly guidance please

(Dan Tisdale) #1

Looking for someone to help me. Which way should I go about making my app from within Appsheets?

Here’s a few details that I thought would be helpful.

NOTE: The app will need to be in both Thai and English.

APP PURPOSE: To quickly and easily share GRN’s MP3 Thailand audio messages by displaying and then sharing those (links) QR Code images from our main website’s URLs of the MP3 files in about 100 different languages offline. (You could think of this like a photo album or flash card game.)

ACTUAL APK APP FILE: To also make it possible to share the app with others in both Thai and English offline.

These are my columns heading within Google Sheets or Excel:

  1. Language Name
  2. Thai Language Name (foreign UTF-8?)
  3. ISO Code
  4. Program Number
  5. Message
  6. _E_T (English or Thai)
  7. Website URL
  8. QR Codes (images)
  9. QR Image File Names

Thanks for any help or suggestions!
Chiang Mai, Thailand

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

I humbly advise searching for and look for your answers first. What you have posted here looks like an app specification rather than a particular help or app feature or how-to query. Also you can check and look if a sample app satisfies or similar to your needs which you can copy and edit as well.

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(Dan Tisdale) #3

Thanks for the appvice! Dan

(Daniel Tanguay) #4

Dan always willing to help but… do you have a more specific question?
Have you laid out your spreadsheet yet?
Set up your column definitions?
Write out a plan with features you want to design -done-.
Start a Google Sheet and then let Appsheet read the sheet.
Start making a list of bugs and wipe them out one at a time.
Also, I recommend using WORKFLOWY to document your settings as you go (sucks when you have to regenerate complex tables and stuff gets lost.)