Some Map pins displaying in wrong COUNTRY

I have 3 Address Columns, City, State, Zip and about 125 records in my table. MOST of the pins are displaying accurately but about 10 of them are showing up in europe or africa.

If I go into the details view of a record and click on a pin, it brings up a map with the CORRECT location. It just seems to be in the main map view.

Any ideas on what’s going wrong with these wildly inaccurate addresses?

Hi @kyleshannon, does the problem consistently happen? If you resync the app and navigate away from and then back to the main map, do the pins show up wrong?

Yes it’s consistent, and what’s really weird, is if I use the city as the address column there’s only about 10 pins that fly to europe, but if I use zip code, it’s more like 30.

Using city as primary, and state as secondary move about 15 or 20 to europe.

I’ve looked at the data integrity of the zip code column and it looks completely fine.

What’s weird is when I very first set up the app, everything was in the US, but as I have evolved the app and the spreadsheet, something has gone awry.

It is consistent however.

@kyleshannon Can you tell me the name of the app and the rows that are misbehaving? I’d like to reproduce it on my side. Thanks.

Sure, the App Name is Pete 2020 Supporters

The rows that are misbehaving are: 4, 48, 51, 56, 80, 84, 96

I’ll leave the primary “Map column” assignment as is (City), but definitely test switching it. When I change it to Zip a lot more pins migrate across the atlantic. So I don’t THINK it’s individual row, but perhaps some other corruption.

Thanks for working on this.

BTW, I just started on Appsheet last Friday and already have an app I am proud to demo, and is definitely going to shape our core product. What an amazing platform you guys have built!