Some Questions About AppSheet

I just learn AppSheet 4 weeks ago and it is very promising and easy to use for our applications.
However I tried to find some functionalities required in our application (Can’t find when I did search, is it possible in AppSheet?).

  • Is it possible to attach PDF documents in the app, so the technician/user could use / open the PDF document from the device/tablet?
  • Could we assign The application (created using AppSheet) to use Google Sheet template, then every time user open (some sort of login), will create a copy in target directory (I could do it in Google Scripts, but I don’t know how to Use AppSheet code for new copy - Change reference of active document / file ID in AppSheet)
  • If we use Google Sheet, is it possible to create a new sheet and use that new sheet as reference dynamically (Create, use, and remove the sheet at the end)?
  • Is is possible to create a new workbook (Another file of Google sheet) and use that new file as data holder?

Thanks for any help.


Sure, it’s a file type column

I’m not completely sure what are you talking about, sorry.

I will let someone else to answer this one also as I don’t user (and don’t want to) Google Sheets.

Sure, you can use wichever file you have as far as it’s well prepared to it:

Just some advice:

  1. Always try to solve problems by your own, dive deep into and then ask for help to the community if you need to
  2. Use QREW Tools Extension if you have a chromium-base browser
  3. Have fun trying to solve little problems, maybe creating some apps for you and your family, that will help you understand how to make things that are more important, things needed on business apps

Glad you found AppSheet!


I also am quite confused by what you are asking with these 2
Are these questions related to each other (and possibly to your last question as well)?
Can you describe what you’re trying to do in a different way?

If you’re wanting to change the data source for your app Tables in any way, then this cannot be done automatically/dynamically, it must be done manually by opening the app editor.

You used the word “template”, so maybe you’re asking about files/emails/attachments generated by Bots?


Hi SkrOYC,

Thanks a lot for quick response. What I mean with question no 2, First I created a Google sheet template. When a user onsite and they want to create daily report, the app copy google sheet template and use the new copied file to save the new entry records.

The reason, multiple users / technicians go to site in one day, everyone entry start from nothing (empty). They will stay for one day or could be 1 week job (Multiple days). Either one day or multiple days, the data should be saved in one file (one file per project / job). When they submit the job (either one day or multiple days) the file for that user for that job is kept (Should not add more information after he/she submitted the job). In one job, could have several users / technicians, each user/technician should have different file (not share data in this level / stage).

My plan, if this is not possible, I will use MySQL and keep all data in relational tables, and generate unique key reference for every new job, than at the end (when user/technician submitted the job) call Google script or URL or webhook to extract data from database tables and generate a new spreadsheet (either Google Sheet or Excel)

Thanks you very much for your advise. I made 5 applications, and it work very well, but never use QREW tools. Will try to use it.


Hi Marc_Dillon,

Thanks for the response.

Please see my response to SkrOYC for question no.2.

For Question no. 3, it is different from Question no.2. The idea is create a file (e.g. Google Sheet - data_2021_Sept), then I will connect / populate this file using another program (e.g. Python, PHP, etc). The current data is IoT values from FTP server. So in this case I need to make dynamic file references.

Currently, I created app using MySQL connection and another app (PHP) populate data from FTP server. It works very well.

I want to know if it is possible using AppSheet. Because, I am planning to teach engineers in our office to use AppSheet (They are Geotechnical engineer, so They don’t know how to create relational database). In this case they could design and relate field data and use the new data as reference

Thanks for the links.





Yep, that’s what you’ll have to do.


It seems to me that you shouldn’t be making copies of the database and, intead, work with a user table and also security filters in order to do almost the same thing.
And if you really need to have a lot of files for anyone to check later (outside the app) you could create a bot to make a xlsx file listing all the rows that match a certain filter rule after the jobs are done.

I’m gonna leave you the references to this so you can check them out and see if that’s what you need:


Hi Steve,

It is very clear of what I have to do. Thankyou very much for your help.


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Hi SkrOYC,

Thanks again for your response. Yes. I will implement your suggestion (See my response to Steve). In this case I will use MySQL database. Also from your suggestion to use BOT (Didn’t touch it before), will start learn about “BOT”. What my plan before, create a stored procedure, and trigger when complete data in database. This weekend will read all your links.


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