Some questions about reports... -The email ...

(Rogério Penna) #1

Some questions about reports…

-The email templates help page doesn´t contain much info about the expressions and language used in the templates. It seems to be slightly different from the AppSheet norm. Can I use all the same expressions used in AppSheet?

-When filling a form, the user have the option of choosing “km”, “street name”, “GeoRef”. When choosing one option, user gets either to choose initial and final km, to write the street name or to use georeferencing. Other options are hidden. Meaning, those fields will be blank. How to hide blank fields in a report, so they won´t occupy space?

-Have several job sites. Each job site will generate a different inspection each week. When job site closes, there should be no more inspections. How can I generate a different report for each job site, and only those that are still open?

(Simon Robinson) #2


But be careful with columns with decimal places as the workflow doesn’t always keep to the column constraints

ColumnA Show_IF = ISNOTBLANK([ColumnA])

<<Start: Select(Sites[SitesID],NOT([Status]=“Closed”))>>