Some questions before I go in head first? Hi...

(Jim Davidson) #1

Some questions before I go in head first?

Hi, I have successfully created my basic app thanks for those that assisted. Before I rebuild it I need to know the following.

Can I get the user to enter a delivery route number so that only deliveries with that reference number show from the database? Example. There maybe hundreds of packages and dozens of drivers, a unique reference number “the delivery schedule” will be provided per driver when they enter the number the app will only show the packages with that ref number.

A delivery maybe a single package or multiple packages, can I create a view that will show the complete order? Example. Mrs Jones has 3 items to be delivered, I will need to scan a barcode for each item and have the customer sign once for the packages. Is this doable? Can appsheet create if you like a dynamic view depending on the number of items e.g. if a single item only 1 scan required if multiple items, can I multiple scan in the same view?

Thanks for any advice.

(Michael) #2

There are a few ways you could do this. If you want to go the route as you have described, the ‘Driver Jobs’ sample app should give you some ideas. This app uses User Settings and allows the user to essentially tell the app who he/she is. Once the user picks his driver number, only jobs assigned to the chosen driver are shown.

Another more slightly more complicated route would be to assign routes directly to a user and then use security filters to only show the jobs that are assigned to the user. This second option offers a couple of advantages over the first: The driver will only see his assigned routes/jobs. Only jobs assigned to the user are sent to the app. All others are filtered out. This has the potential to speed the app up a bit as all jobs are not being sent nor being synced. And you, the app admin can be assured exactly who delivered/completed the job.

You can check the sample app out here: - Sample mobile apps for common scenarios Sample mobile apps for common scenarios

(Mary Jane Pender) #3

This is probably much more simplistic than Michael’s suggestion but, If you are not concerned about other drivers seeing all the routes, you could just create a view of the deliveries sorted by date and time and Grouped by Route.

Then each driver works on the deliveries for

his route.

As to the multi-piece deliveries… you would need a Delivery table with route, customer name, address, date etc.

and a Pieces table that is related to the Delivery table.

That way you can scan each piece for the Delivery Record.