Some system generated inline views missing?


For one of my tables, which is used as reference, I do not have any system generated inline views. This is problematic for child records appearance in some case. Is there any reason ?


I myself have noticed there are times when the app editor does not provide system-generated views. I haven’t been able to figure out why. But, you can always add your own views to fill in those gaps. For an inline view, just create a new view of type chart, deck, gallery, map, or table (as desired) in the ref position.


I tried it already :

But something still strange :

As you can see, there is some rows referenced but no columns shown. If I click en “View”, the page is empty.

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The inline view shows the count of entries in the column value’s list, and the corresponding rows in the table or slice the view is attached to. That the count is not zero indicates there are entries in the list, but the absence of rows indicate those three list entries do are not key column values of any rows in the attached table or slice.

Please post screenshots of the complete App formula expressions for the two columns you highlighted:

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Thanks OK for me.

The empty list is composed of non key value as you suggest in the other discussion. So that is the reason. I just capture those two ref_rows columns to show that there were some references somewhere to that specific table.

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