Some Table Rows Not Displayed

I have a table with 7 rows, but only 4 rows are displayed in my app. How do I specify that I want all 7 rows to be displayed in my app?

Hi, is it possible that you duplicates in your key column?

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Thanks for your swift response, Aleksi. There are no duplicates in my key column. There is only one column in my table, which contains this info:


I do not intend to allow duplicates in this table. The table as displayed in my app only shows the following entries:


So 5 rows are showing, not 4 as I stated in my original post (sorry!). I want the other two entries in my table to display as well.

Do you have any slice or security filter with this table?

I have a named range called Category (Category!A2:A980). The table is stored as a Google Sheet in a workbook containing 3 sheets. Each sheet is used as one table in my app and the other two tables are displaying correctly in the app. One of the other table also has a similar named range (Account!A2:A1001). Apart from those named ranges, I am not aware of any other data validations or restrictions.
Thanks for your help

Please check that you don’t have the option Behavior > Offline/Sync > Delta sync set as OFF

Delta sync was set to OFF. I have set it to ON and refreshed, but the rows are still not showing. Should I leave Delta Sync at ON?

I suspect that having only a single data column is provoking the problem.
That can make it hard to identify the first data row if one of the first few values in the column could be mistaken for the column header. In your case “cash” is a commonly occurring header value.

Make sure the actual header in the first row of your worksheet is in bold text. Bold is a strong signal that the bold row is the header.

See the article for the details.


That worked Phil! Thank you so much.
I made the header row bold in all 3 tables in my workbook. I then deleted the app and started again (the app is in very early stages of development, so this was not a problem). I launched AppSheet again from the main table in my workbook and added tables into the app for the two subsidiary tables - and all the data was visible in the app from each of the 3 tables.
I am very grateful to you and the AppSheet team for all your help with this.


Glad that helped.

It was probably not necessary to drop and recreate your tables, but doing so could potentially make column type inference make better choices regarding the column types based on your worksheet’s contents. Making the headers bold was the crucial step.

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