Some visual changes to deck view

We’ve got a couple of changes rolling out for deck view. These are visual changes, plus one change in how we render a data type when set as a header (latLong).

1. Increased type contrast

  • We’ve given the primary header a medium font weight, and reduced the secondary header by the equivalent of 1px. This gives a little more distinction between primary and secondary text.

2. Summary column width

  • We’ve widened the column a tiny bit, and reduced the font size by 1px. This should allow the display of a standard date or timestamp format when the app is using the base (default) font size of 18.
  • If you’re using the progress data type for the summary column, the harvey balls (progress circles) have been reduced by a few pixels, allowing them a little more breathing room from text that runs below them.

3. Email rendering bug: removed a break in email address when used in the summary column. Breaking to 2 lines was overlapping with secondary header text.

4. latLong display in deck view, when set as a header

  • We’re looking at rendering latLong as coordinates for headers. Currently, the map chunk that gets rendered seems too small to be visually distinguished from the other rows, and is awkwardly placed behind the actions on mobile. One of the keys of deck view is visible actions per row, and this doesn’t play as well with that.

We’d rather you can see the lat / long coordinates as legible text in this form factor.

Anyone have examples where they’re using latLong maps embedded in deck rows?

  • Let us know the context and the use case for a map in the deck view row, if you have one, and what problem it’s trying to solve.

Those are the changes, and wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Information wanted: use of Deck views on desktop
One thing that’s helpful is knowing about use of deck views, specifically in desktop viewports.

  • In which context are you using it?
    Any examples (screenshots) are always helpful to see…

I ask because we’re thinking that for wide viewports, we could split the deck rows into a couple columns, similar to cards, allowing you to both see more items, and keeping the actions closer to the primary and secondary text.


Thank you. Sounds like this will improve deck views at long last.

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@Marc_Dillon right now we’ve made small changes to the presentation layer, but have noted the request for a wider summary view.

As we make changes to the editing experience side, we have a chance to address that length; the use case makes sense if the primary headers are short, as noted above. It also makes sense on desktop, where have much more space between the fields, even in a moderate sized desktop browser.


Thank you for this excellent announcement! Both well presented, and welcome changes!


I am not a big fan of what the entire design team did to ux design of this wonderful platform
My opinion is that you do not have a clue what are you doing over there (my opinion don’t be offended)

Making summery column a “bit” wider, and view a bit different, that is what you were doing, that is your announcement, and a priority___???

My advice, in a nicest way possible is better look and take care of all does UX solutions that are bugging us all, and all our clients.

Visual of detail view, the whole visual needs a lot of work (not able to divide some information ang grup of information wit spacers or with lines)
show columns that are sliding to the left and popping up every ware.
quick edit mistakes.
logo in form view dragged to left.
Formatting of the font size that doesn’t do anything.
images blank spaces.
Plain look of entire program when you look at it, no substance at all.
lose that MS DOS stile in dark view.

The whole feel of the UX is depressing and unprofessional. Look what others are doing please and how it looks.

Again i am very very frustrated about the ux design, but not only me, i think that everybody that we have showed the app made the same comment, functions are good but the look is so bad.


Not offended.

We have lots (lots!) to do across the entire product surface. We do think it’s fair to app creators to give updates, even to smaller changes, as we need to both fix, refine and develop, but need to be cognizant of deployed apps in the field.

Even though this is billed as an Announcement, it doesn’t always reflect a major release.


Small, well-communicated changes like this are greatly preferred over no changes or large, poorly-communicated changes. Here’s hoping your approach continues! :slight_smile:


True! It’s a first time that i actualy understand visualy what the change is.


Took the words (or rather the emoji) out of my mouth :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Excellent ! Thank you for your hard work, all this changes are very welcome :slight_smile:

@Mike_Moss I would have some suggestions about deck view improvement with the nested column option, should I make a feature request or can I drop that here ?

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@Aurelien let’s make that a feature request, so we have a thread.
What’s always helpful is the context of use:

  • what the app (and user) is trying to do (the context)
  • why deck view (the form factor) as opposed to others, works best in this scenario

Since as you know, AppSheet is used in so many contexts, it’s great for us to see the apps in the wild. Thanks.


The deck view is default for the form factor XY. Users never care about the XY coordinates. Any way to suppress this and shoot something more important?


Hi Mike, can we possibly have an option to display the headers alongside the data in Deck view? I currently use Deck view to display project titles and end dates, however as projects have several dates associated with them I’d like to explicitly state that the date is the end date.
Currently it looks like this;

Project 1

However it would be awesome if it could look like this;

Project Name: Project 1
Project end date: 11/05/2021

With the option to switch on and off the title for each header, allowing this;

Project 1
Project end date: 11/05/2021

Any help appreciated!

I believe you can do that now, using a virtual column and concatenating.


Awesome. Thanks @Mike_Moss I’ll give that a go.

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Okay @Mike_Moss , I’ve tried this and it works! However, I now see this new concatenated field in the Detailed view which I don’t want. Any way around this?

Hi @Chetty

Use the Column Order options :wink:
You can set order, but also pick the ones you want to see and the ones you don’t want


No, @Aurelien’s suggestion is correct.


Thanks for the work UX team, it’s much appreciated!! Looking forward to more :slight_smile:

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