"someone has already created version 1.000..."

i’ve seen one post from january and seems the problem solved there…
I keep getting this error very often last few days…

You are trying to save version 1.000163 of the app, but someone has already created version 1.000163. Perhaps you have the app editor open in a different browser tab? Discard your changes and refresh the app editor.MORE INFO

I dont use multiple tabs for the edits. although my google sheets are open…
i need to refresh twice the tab for the error to disappear. and all last changes are erased! it is getting very though…
Can anyone help me out here please?

It is like if i make more than one change without saving the error pops up… O_O

Yes, I have been seeing this more frequently too.

In the past, I have normally left my tabs open for weeks at a time with no issues. Recently, I have started to notice this error and like you, no other tabs have been opened to edit in. I have needed to close the app and re-open in order for the error to go away…at least for the day.

Over the last several days, I have been closing my tabs at the end of the day and have not yet seen the error repeat.

well, I closed all tabs a few times today for sure… yet, keep getting this error after every few savings

I haven’t yet seen that…but I am not performing a lot of editing today.

I’ve seen this happen if I leave the editor open overnight. Overnight, AppSheet itself would perform a “consistency check” that would produce a new version.

If this problem happens with any frequency and you aren’t editing in multiple windows and nobody else is editing your app, please contact support@appsheet.com directly to make them aware of this issue.