Something that has been working without a hit...

(Kirk Masden) #1

Something that has been working without a hitch for months is suddenly not working this morning:

App Spaced Repetition 7.1 at


On UXs “D to W none” and “W to D none”

“Show if” condition

COUNT(SELECT(D to W[Word], [Validation]=1))=0

is no longer working properly.

I don’t know if my expression is wrong or what

but everything was fine until this morning Japan time (your evening?).

Any help will be appreciated.

P.S. Unlike Google Spreadsheets, with expressions I don’t know how to debug.

When I “test” an expression with the expression assistant, nothing happens (other than getting valid or invalid feedback – I have no idea what numbers are being calculated).


We’re releasing an update now with a fix. You may need to fully close and relaunch the app to make sure the update is applied. Thanks for reporting the issue.

(Kirk Masden) #3

Although I’ve already indicated this on another thread, for the record, the fix worked and my app is back to normal.

Thanks for everything.