Sorry if this has already been answered - can...

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Sorry if this has already been answered - can i create a scheduled report that sends me notification of an event that starts in 30 days or less ? I have insurances that expire continuously through the year and a column that tells me the expiry date. I have tried the expression TODAY()=insurance expiry -30 it still doesn’t send me a the report

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@abg_appsheet, You could create a slice on the said table with filter condition as [Expiry Date]=Today()+30

You could schedule a daily report based on this slice.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar just tried and when i run the test it brings back all of the rows rather than the expected . currently only testing with 25 rows of data

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Could you please check the 'test" panel of the slice filter condition , it needs to show “Y” only for all rows with [Expiry Date] of 22nd

November, if you are checking the condition today that is 23rd October.

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I think you want something like

AND([Expiry Date] >= TODAY(),[Expiry Date] <= TODAY()+30)

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Many thanks for your help , done it following one of the sample apps and adding a calculated column in the spreadsheet and then creating a slice based on that value