Sort by Column on a valid if statement

I have a column in table A that I use the valid if statement. This creates a dropdown from table B. Is there a way to sort table B in the dropdown thru a virtual column

The dropdown will present the options n whatever order the Valid If expression provides them, so you can just wrap your Valid If expression with SORT() or ORDERBY() (as appropriate).

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When I try to wrap it with ORDERBY, but then use the virtual column in TABLE B, it says it is invalid. It seems to only want to use Table A columns

Post your expression.

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Its quite simple. I have two tables, Furniture and Items. The table furniture has a list of furniture items, probably 1500 rows. Table Items have over 15000 rows with furniture items picked from the list. The table Items has a column item, which the Valid If statement is Furniture[item_name]. I created a virtual column in the Furniture table. COUNT(SELECT(items[unique_id], [_THISROW].[item_name] = [item]))

I basically want to order the item column in Table Item with the [item_name] used most often

I assume [item_name] isn’t the Key column for the Furniture Table? ORDERBY can only be used on row references. Is it possible to make Item[item] a Ref type column pointing to Furniture Table, where [item_name] is set as the Label column?

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that makes sense. I think so