Sort column type Enum when using filters in map view


I have added a map view from a sheet tab called ‘Mapper’, and I am looking sort the column named ‘Title’. I have tried using below function but it doesn’t sort the column:
SORT(Select(Mapper[Title], TRUE))

I would like the values in this column to appear alphabetically when I use filter to check or uncheck values.

Are you trying to sort a Ref type column?

No, this is a column in a view created by me, not in ref view, sorry if that’s what you mean.

Was type of column is [Title] ?

The name of the column is Title, it’s got text and I selected Enum as column type.

No idea then. Try deleting the formula, saving, then entering it again. Had this work once for me before but no idea why it should work

If by “filters” you mean those available from the search box, there is no way to sort those.

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Ah okay thanks! Steve good to know.
Hopefully this will be added soon?!

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My impression is it’s on the to-do list.