Sort data of enum type

My column in google sheet is enum. It had only 1 (one) data at initial.
After a time input data, there are many datas in this field.
Kindly help me know:

  1. How could I sort these data?
  2. Where new data (CH05, CH10, ABC…) were wrote in my app?


If you are allowing other values, rather than using the preset approach I might suggest using the ‘Suggested Values’ instead. If you do this your suggested values might be:

SORT(ThisTableName[ThisColumnName], true) to sort ascending


Thank you for your support.
After change fomular, the “Add or search” bar was disappeared.
I also want to keep it for additional data without existing list.
Please kindly requested instruct me how could I do?


Can you provide a screen shot of the entire column set up including the ‘Auto compute’ section? It might take 2 screen shots to capture all of it.

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Yes, offcouse. This is first one.

This is second.

Scroll down further in the same window from the first screen shot and provide what is at the bottom.

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This is 1 more if you need additional info,

Remove the expression in Valid If and have the same expression in ‘Suggested Values’ under Auto compute section instead. Then also remove everything from ‘Values’. I think that should do it.


After remove as your instruction, the resulr become as before: the list was not sort.

Can you provide the screen shots again after you made the changes? Please include ‘Suggested Values’ under Auto Compute in one of the screen shots.

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Yes. I have divide 2 shot:

the second:

Please expand the highlighted section

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Yes. Nothing at there. It was deleted as your instruction. Please!

Can you try similar expression, using ORDERBY instead of SORT ?
In the “suggested value” field
Such as


Move your

SORT(ThisTableName[ThisColumnName], false) to the ‘Suggested Values’ expression


In this specific case ORDERBY would not work. Typically Orderby would take the IDs, so it would treat it as a reference which is not the case.


Everything is ok now! I don’t know how to say thanks with your help!
Thank you again.