Sort Fast Table records

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I have a reference that is pointing to a slice and creating an inline list view. When I click and view the entire list it is creating a “fast table” view. I’m trying to sort that view. Has anyone experienced this and know a way to sort a “fast table” list?


Hi @tkeats If you click on fast Table where you have it circled, it should bring that view up in the editor for you to edit the sort order etc.

fastTable is the view that you have explicitly created with Virtual Columns with using either a SELECT or REF_ROWS expression. Do you have any Virtual ref(s) like this in your app?

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I do.
I have a REF_ROWS that references a slice. I tried using the ORDERBY() in that Virtual Columns with the REF_ROWS as the first parameter and the field I want to sort as the 2nd parameter, the TRUE/FALSE in the 3rd. I though it would work because it gave me the greenlight BUT it did not effect the list.

For any fastTable, you can create a REF type table view which will override that and you can then play with the sorting and grouping.

@ LeventK

Levent FTW, Thanks!!!
I creates a VIEW of my slice and somehow it has now replaced the “fastTable” so yes, I can now play with the sorting and grouping. Awesome!


You’re welcome @thKeats, truly my pleasure to be helped of. Can you please mark my response as solution provided the proposed solution fits your requirements and clarifies your issue? It might be helpful for other community members as well if they search the community with Solution tag. Thank you.