Sort Order for Concatenate Date

I am sorting a service schedule by date from a view based on a slice. If I use [Date] to sort it yields for instance “9/10/19” however I would like to have the day for instance “Tuesday” as part of the view so I created a virtual column and used the formula below to get “Tuesday September, 10” for example. I thought the problem was solved.

However when sorting the view, the system is not sorting ascending or descending based on the whole date. It is sorting based on the date of the week. SEE SCREEN SHOT. So if the results include two (2) Tuesdays they are next to each other regardless of if one is Tuesday the 1st and the other is Tuesday the 12th. What would be the expression correction to fix this?

Concatenate(Switch(Weekday([Today]),1,"Sunday ",2,"Monday ",3,"Tuesday ",4,"Wednesday ",5,"Thursday ",6,"Friday ",“Saturday “),Switch(MONTH([Today]), 1, “January”, 2, “February”, 3, “March”, 4, “April”, 5, “May”, 6, “June”, 7, “July”, 8, “August”, 9, “September”, 10, “October”, 11, “November”, “December”),”, ”,Day([Today]))

When you use the “Group By” functionality, I’m afraid there is no solution with your date syntax. Your calculated value is a text string and it sets the order because of the first letter, then the next one etc.

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Understood. Thank you.

You’re welcome