Sort Referenced Dependant Dropdowns

Hi guys

Any help on the following?

Alright, I’ll reply here to keep things cleaner.

Try this as the Valid If instead:
ORDERBY(Family Segment[INSERT_YOUR_KEY_COLUMN],[Family Segment No])

For this Valid If try:
ORDERBY(SELECT(Product Segment[Crop Description], [Family Segment Description]=[_THISROW].[COLUMN_NAME_FROM_PREVIOUS_DROPDOWN]), [Crop Description])

Just make sure to swap out those column names for real ones.

Thanks for the help:

The below expression seems to work

but not this one:

I change [COLUMN_NAME_FROM_PREVIOUS_DROPDOWN] with the Ref column from previous selection [Family Segment].

So the final expression is:
ORDERBY(SELECT(Product Segment[Crop], [Family Segment Description]=[_THISROW].[Family Segment]), [Crop Description])

but I am not sure if we using the correct column name.
Keep in mind that the columns indicated in red are the column ID / ref connected between columns.

What error are you getting if any? Or what is currently happening?

HI Bahbus

I restructured my data a bit to make things easier as well as tried my best to describe my column structure.

See below