Sort row order on ref child table on workflow...

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Sort row order on ref child table on workflow template.

I have parent and child table, linked together through ref column and connection is set “ispartof” as “true”.

Workflow rule is made and triggered once one particular columns sitting on Parent table is changed then send email.

On workflow template, to pull the Child Table Data, start expression is built, something like

<<Start:[Related Technical_Decks By Inspection ID]>>



[Related Technical_Decks By Inspection ID] is auto-generated list type column, and I manage to get the list of rows from Child Table successfully.

My question is how to sort this particular child table row on email template?

On this Child table, i have column [Section No], which is number type, by which I wish to sort the child table either asc or desc.

I learned community to sort the order when we use start expression in combination with Select () function. However, in this case, we dont use the select function, just using Ref List column name to pull child table data and rows.

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After looking back the past post in communities, i found out a way how to manage this, so closing post, thanks !