Sorting a dependent dropdown list via User Settings

I have two enum variables set in User Settings - first State and then City - which work perfectly in terms of displaying unique states and then related cities to the selected State - except that the displayed lists are not sorted. I’ve set the valid if for state (and done similarly for city) as TOOL4FORAPPSHEET[State] (where TOOL4FORAPPSHEET is the table). I can’t seem to get any other function to work properly (e.g. orderby, filter or select). Guidance would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Did you try SORT expression? in validif constrain to reorder the list items as you want?


Thanks very much for your quick response. I actually did try SORT and received an input error. E.g.
I tried SORT(Tool4ForAppsheet[State][,Yes]) - with Yes both enclosed and not enclosed in quotes. Thanks again.

Pleasure to hear you solve the problems !

Sorry for my unclear response - the problem still exists for me and any guidance would be appreciated.


SORT(Tool4ForAppsheet[State], TRUE)

With TRUE, the list will be sorted in descending (Z-A) order. Use FALSE instead to sort in ascending (A-Z) order.

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It’s so easy when you do it! Thanks Steve, that works perfectly. I was confused by the doc. I don’t know if it needs an update, or the confusion is just with me.

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The doc needs examples for sure!