Sorting by count

Is it possible to sort by count in appsheet. I have a view where it shows tickets grouped by store and category but I wanted to sort it by the highest number of tickets by category when a store is selected. Then after selecting a category I wanted to sort it by the newest date at top.

I have this formula below in a VC with text type but it only gives me the count and not the actual label
COUNT(select(tICKETTYPE[l2], [L2] =[_THISROW].[L2], TRUE))

Hello @a_fatima , you could make a slice of the table you’re talking about, you would group it by store and then by category, then you could sort it by date and/or by count (slice configuration lets you do all this).

You can set the sort priority in the slice configuration, and if you press the column headers from within the app you can re-sort your table based on the column of your liking.

I’m not following there, could you share some more information about your app structure so i could get an idea of what you’re doing?

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