Sorting information from table by latest to oldest



I’ve done a search in the community for “sorting columns” from a secondary table but can’t find anything. Please could you help or guide me to a relevant post:

I have an app that pulls data from a customer contacts table and a customer ledger table (the ledger table is a record of my interaction with that customer over time). I would like the ledger entries to be presented from the latest date to the oldest (descending order). Currently the way I do this is by tapping the date column on the app to rearrange everything from latest to oldest. Is there a way the app can sort this automatically?

Here a screen shot of the app and the “back-end”

Click “View”, then click the blue link for the Inline view from underneath the emulator.

That’ll take you to the UX->View that controls how the Inline table looks.


Thank you so much! that’s exactly what I was looking for!

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