Sorting not working!

Hi! My sorting is not working for one of my tables. Here are my 3 parameters, explained.

  1. Sort by column “Buy Now?” Ascending.
    • Not all of my rows have a “yes” or “no” answer, so I want the ones that have been answered to be at the top
  2. Sort by column “Quality Score” Descending.
    • I would like the Buy Now’s that are marked “Yes” to be at the top, and these tend to have higher quality scores, so it puts the high quality scores at the top and the lower ones below them
  3. Sort by column “Comany” Ascending

Here is what I get, but this is not right. The “Visa” should be up top. Why is this?
- I would like the rest of my companies to be in alphabetical order.

and then I sorted it on my spreadsheet, and it fixed it, but shouldn’t it sort out on the app on its own?

I’m not certain about anyone else, but for the longest time now I stay away from ANY formatting or filters on my sheets. goodluck.

Thank you, although I do not quite understand what you mean.

I mean that personally, I would leave your back end as plain text and bare as possible. I would try to leave all formulas and formatting and filtering and any of that type of stuff I would leave it completely off your sheet if possible.

How have you configured sorting? Can you share a screenshot of the config?

It seems to work sometimes but not others randomly.
I changed the sorting a little bit to what I want. Thankyou!

I think I fixed it. I just deleted my bookmark, and put in a new bookmark, and now it sorts properly.

Bookmark?! Yeah, you shouldn’t be using a bookmark to get to the view.