Sorting of table is only working 5 % of the time all other moments it shows like all items are in the same group

same app, same moment just after one sync

as you see most of the groups just vanish …

any ideas how this is possible and how to prevent it.

thanks :slight_smile:

settings app

Are all your rows still in the Table? You can go to the Tables tab in AppSheet, click on the Tests table and then click on the “View Data” button. It will show all of the rows for the table.

Yes, everything is still there…if you click on the one that is left you see all the rows under it like the are all now part of that group… the group is found by a virtual column…

if you select one you can even see below that it is now strangely part of that group…

but if i click on edit it shows the correct group

when i click save

it shows back the incorrect group


any ideas


You said you use a Virtual Column to determine the Group.

Can you post the expression you are using in that Virtual Column?


i do not believe it is the code as it was working for weeks and now it is working sometimes without any changes…
the strange thing is that when you edit a row the code is working correct and shows the correct group. when saving / closing it, it somehow jumps back to this wrong one… and all items always jump to the same group if that happens…

anyway this is the code : any(select(Products[Product],[Timestamp]=any(select(Applications[Product],[Description]= [_THISROW].[Applications]))))

thanks for the help

Your expression with some formatting for my clarity:

    [Timestamp] = any(
        ([Description] = [_THISROW].[Applications])

Because of a quirk with AppSheet’s is-equal-to operator (=), this expression:

([Description] = [_THISROW].[Applications])

will be TRUE if the Description column value is blank. To avoid this behavior, either put a value that will never be blank on the left side of the =:

([_THISROW].[Applications] = [Description])

or use ISNOTBLANK() to ensure the value is not blank before the comparison:

  ([Description] = [_THISROW].[Applications])

The same quirk also affects the [Timestamp] = any(...) expression.

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Hi Steve and others,

thanks for reply.
i did adapt the formula with your recommendations but as there where no empty fields this was not the problem.

the problem remains the same…
the formula works perfectly when you test run it or when you edit a row and look at the value the formula gives you. when you click save, the system is changing it somehow back and put them all in the same group… it has worked for weeks and now it is doing this… when you add new rows sometimes it works back for one or two syncs and then it goes back to one group … any idea’s… i really think it is a bug and not a code issue

I’m inclined to agree. At this point, I recommend you contact directly for help with this.

This portion of your formula does not make sense to me. If the names of the columns are indicative of the data they hold, then you are comparing a Timestamp to a Product??

As for code working and then suddenly not. It very well could be a bug introduced into the system. But also be wary of new data that has maybe created a use case you didn’t account for in your initial implementation. It happens ALL THE TIME in software! :slight_smile:

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