Sorting of Table Names in Appsheet Editor Is...

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #1

Sorting of Table Names in Appsheet Editor

Is there anyway of displaying the table names under head of “Tables” and “Columns” tabs alphabetically. When you have a substantial number of tables it is frustrating that they only appear in the order they were originally added would be advantageous if they were sorted alphabetically.

If this feature doesn’t exist any chance of changing the display to list them alphabetically?

Same thing applies for the dropdown list when selecting “ReferencedTableName” in Edit column Definition for a Ref type column.

Just a thought, would seem to make more sense.

Thanks, Steve

(Tony Fader) #2

@StudentHomes_Plymout Not right now, but I encourage you to add this feature request to the app:

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #3

Have added item under head of “Intuitive App Creation”

Can we have alphabetical sorting of tables in Appsheet editor? Frustrating trying to work with them in sequence they were added when you have a large number of tables. Same applies to dropdown list for selecting ref tables from dropdown and display of tables under columns tab.

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #4

Sure. What device are you trying to upload from?

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #5

Ta, usung Samsung Galaxy S8+

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #6

ohhh, probably since you’re using the browser. This link should open in-app:

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #7

Ah, okay thanks…

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #8

This is going to sound really dumb, but looking to add further comments to feature requests app but it thinks I’m a new user and goes to ID settings each time. If I select new to post a comment it is defaulting to an Appsheet User ID, can’t find a way of getting back to my original ID. Any suggestions?

(Tony Fader) #9

@StudentHomes_Plymout Adding @Gil_Littman_AppSheet, master of the feature requests app.

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #10


(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #11

@StudentHomes_Plymout The app initially gives the user a random username. To encourage people to change it to their real name (or nickname), the app will start in the setting page every time until you change your username. Please note that the username has nothing to do with your AppSheetID.

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #12

I thought that is how it should work, but I’ve already added an item and as far as I’m aware had changed my username to StudentHomesPlymouth. However, I can’t get back into App via browser link provided without it providing a random username again?

Think it may be as simple as it let me add my request without forcing me to save my username - pressed save and all good.

Sorry if I wasted your time on this one!

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #13

Maybe you initially saved your username on a different device/browser? Or did you use incognito mode?

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #14

Maybe under a different Google email login. Gets quite confusing swapping logins dependent on whether I’m working on per user apps or public apps. Can’t expect you or Appsheet to police that when I even lose track of who I am today!

Thanks for your help, I believe I’m sorted and now browsing the various features requested to date. I think Appsheet programmers are going to be very busy…

By way of a footnote, whilst it is great to look at features that make the developers life easier, please don’t forget that at the end of the day Appsheet and Appsheet developers are only perceived to be as good as the Apps that are created and put in front of the end users. Don’t get me wrong I love Appsheet, but I do think there are some end user features that are not currently provided that App users are now expecting to see as the norm not as a “bells & whistles” thing. The particular issues I have are (1) lack of video capture from device camera, (2) no native video playback (3) inflexible frame size for video playback within Appsheet which is generally of wrong proportions to suit any standard format video, (4) inability to print data, reports, etc. direct from App using filtered data already being displayed within the App.

Hope you find the foregoing constructive for that is my intention.

Cheers, Steve

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #15

Hi Gil, Im unable to add screenshot to one of my feature requests as image upload seems to default to device camera. Please can you upload this image to the feature request entitled?

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