Sound and Popup Action Name

is it Possible to Putt action sound for action and email, done, failed, warning?

one more thing like over in table I have place file open action so is it possible to saw the details of that file icon details because there are two icons just beside same. so like Microsoft when we take cursor point on the icon its saw details of that icon.

for this, I have temporarily set different color and file logo for understanding.




thax a lot sir,

actually, I know this feature is not available in AppSheet but i want to say that is it possible in the future? it’s small but very important to easily understand.

as per my use of application and thought.

We are just voluteers here, not AppSheet dev team members. Thus none of us can have an idea about this. But of course you can create a post for this under Feature Requests.


sure sir,

thank you…