Source Control and Ownership

After two weeks of learning AppSheet, I was contacted by my former boss (who has gone on to bigger and better things) to develop an app for a startup. He has first-hand knowledge of the traps and pitfalls of owning a software development team, so he was thrilled with the promise of AppSheet.

At this early stage I have no idea what the requirements are, but I want to be ready. I’m also an Angular developer, so I’ve developed plenty of solutions from scratch using my personal GitHub account, but after some time the codebase would move to the client’s GitHub or GitLab account.

I’d like to ask you if AppSheet is flexible enough to allow me to move an existing Core app under my name to a different Enterprise account owned by the startup?

Someone at the forum asked a similar question to mine, but that was two years ago. I am wondering if anything has changed since then? Here is that question and the answers given:



Thanks, Marc. Any idea why Google doesn’t advertise the price of the Enterprise accounts? It would be good know, particularly if the client wants the app to be developed under their account from the get-go.



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