Source File to be updated

(Sailaja Nimushakavi) #1

I have a small bussiness in which I have a list of payables that need to be recieved .
I currently have an excel sheet that I get from custom software built by the firm.I would like to use this to create an app ,to show the pending payments.However ,the issue is ,these details would change on a daily basis .
Lets say today my excel sheet has 100 rows that show 100 invoices to be collected.I would have made some progess in the collections today. Tommorrow I would get more data,showing new invoices that need to be added .
What would be the best way to handle this? I prefer not to manually paste the data into the gsheet we have based the table on.
Is there a way to append data into this file?Also how do we handle the limit on the rows in the .xls(gsheet)?

In a general scenario we would expect a database and upload the file into this,but we cannot afford something like that at this point.Is there a solution that can be built using gsheets?


(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

If you are on Pro Plan, you can use Security Filters to filter away older data from the app’s backed i.e.
[Invoice Date]=TODAY()

will show only today’s invoiced in the app