Source of Lead Icon in sample app

I have a trivial question. I have been working my way through some sample apps including the LEAD TRACKING sample app. Link as follows:

I notice that all app records display a [Lead Icon] field but I can’t locate the source of this field in the views.

Solutions would be appreciated.


In the table view configuration, go to the View Options section:




Thank you for your prompt reply.
I have followed your instructions but I only get two options: None or Lead Icon

This Shows or Hides the Icon which works - thank you.
Where is the configuration of Lead Icon that selects the Initials?

Ah, you specifically want the initials. For that, you’ll need to add a(n optionally virtual) column of type Image with an App formula expression that uses the TEXT_ICON() and INITIALS() functions, like this:


See also:



Your previous help was much appreciated. Opened up days of study and research but very satisfying…
Can I now prevail on you to facilitate my next breakthrough?

My current AppSheet design is per the link below
I have authorized this User [] - hopefully, to enable you to launch my AppSheet design

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    Achievements to date

  • My App is up and running and invaluable for contacting MEMBERS - on the beat - via PHONE, EMAIL, TEXT MESSAGE.
    Next objective

  • When sending emails, I would like to incorporate a Gmail Template highlighting the latest customized promotional data.

  • Even better if I could select from say three separate email templates at the push of the button.
    Map Problem

  • Map pinning the member address is a huge benefit. But for some reason, it seems to be temperamental. .

  • All the Addresses in the ADDRESS column work perfectly when fed into Google Maps. Perhaps is that I have 30,000 members? Try this out for yourself.
    Thanks, Steve in anticipation.



Not possible. :frowning:

Not possible. :frowning:

Yep. Way too many for the app to handle.

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Thanks for your help.
Back to the drawing board

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