Spacing between rows in form

I am trying to figure out a way to eliminate much of the wasted ‘white’ space between rows. I have done quite a bit of searching through this community and can’t seem to find an answer. I did find the post where they put spacing between a header and the rows, but I am looking for a way to control the spacing between the rows. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! (this is my first post, I hope the image comes through)

Hi Paula!! Welcome to the AppSheet Community!!

That whitespace is pre-determined and cannot be adjusted.

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Thanks, but that is truly disappointing…so much wasted real estate!

Yes, I m with you, the Appsheet is currently not capable to customize the view in that way, custom CSS, HTML which App Maker or other competitors tools do have .

Appreciate if you create a feature request.

I m not saying to let the appsheet creator to add code to it to control view, but on the basis of “in the appsheet way”, i.e. NO-CODE.

There are times when I too wish for a more condensed screen. Please fee free to add a Feature Request. If it gets traction within the Community, it may just become a feature sooner rather than later.

In case you don’t know, AppSheet is a relatively new company at only 5 yers old. It still has some growing to do and we developers can help drive that based on our needs through Feature Requests.


Thanks for the suggestion…I will post that in Feature Requests…appreciate you all and this community!