Spacing on a document. Hello everyone I am ha...

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Spacing on a document. Hello everyone I am having an issue with my email attachment template. When I made the template there are no spacing in between the picture and the border of the table however upon generating the email attachment the spacing suddenly shows up. How can I remove that spacing? Please see picture attached for a better idea.

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Hello Philip, thanks for the advice however I tried following the guide but had the same results after.

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Have you tried the techniques described in topic “Template Formatting Tips” in this article - Email Templates Email Templates

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Hi Philip, I think I solved it. It wasnt on the Template formatting tips area but in the same document that you sent. I added a page break before the reference pictures and the extra spacing disappeared. It’s weird that it does that though…

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction.


Same your problem it show space in my email